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Mobile phone repairs in Dubai local area iphone repairs, ipod, cell phone, ipad, handy repairs within near around & about places where to find, is our specialty.

Gone are the days when you could go without a mobile phone within hearing distance from you. Any moment your mobile falls damaged or not working, you go very restless and erratic, because it has become the norm to have it always within your reach, and that's how it's gotten its name 'handy'.

And once it's out of action- it is your first impulse to instantly try to get it fully functional again, immediately and without delay! They’re so truly a vital part of modern living so when it suddenly dies on you, you need it fixed now.

Many of the shops you can reach will look at you in a silly way when you ask them to repair your faulty phone and hand it straight away. They will offer to send it away for a long period of time to check the damage for repairing it.

What in the world is that supposed to be?! Having a whole month to get your phone repaired? Instead it should be assessed on-site and have it delivered in a reasonable waiting time, and without costing you the earth. That's where we come in as one stop for all, to help you professionally, within no time at all...

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